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Bridges out of Poverty

Bridges Out of Poverty is a construct created by Dr. Ruby Payne and Mr. Phil DeVol to understand poverty through the lens of class and its hidden rules. Children 1st is providing:

1.  Bridges Out of Poverty for Professionals is a four-hour overview of the Bridges’ lens to provide discussion about systems impacting those living in poverty, as well as empathy for those facing the challenges.

2. Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World (Getting Ahead) in both English and Spanish, is for under-resourced people living in poverty or unstable situations who have a desire to build economic stability and a better future for themselves through 16 lessons.


3. R Rules for youth (middle school through high school), to think about their future with goal setting, understanding hidden rules, with a goal to stay ahead.


4. Staying Ahead for graduates of Getting Ahead, who wish to continue their journey.


5. Getting Ahead in the Workplace, a 16-lesson course for low-resourced adults designed to teach the hidden rules of work while increasing knowledge about finances, community resources, and overall work environment.

For more information, contact Cerae:

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