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Brighter Futures

Brighter Futures provides support to students and their families who need assistance to succeed in school, through the effort of social workers and their team. 

Garden to Kitchen


The Garden to Kitchen program teaches students to plant, maintain, harvest, and cook their own foods

Project Starfish

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Project Starfish goal is to help low-income students and their families move from crisis to stable, with emphasis on stable housing, to improve student’s ability to learn in school. Services are available at these Children 1st Resource Hubs.

 Children 1st Ambassador


The Children 1st Ambassador program is a career exploration program for low-resourced, mostly minority middle school students, rooted in two service-learning projects. Students either self-select or are referred by teachers to become an Ambassador. 

Journey Home

The Journey Home program is designed to help people break through the cycle of poverty and homelessness. We aim to help people navigate available community program and assist with difficult financial situations. 

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