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Project Starfish 

Basic Needs Pantry

We have a basic needs pantry in our main office. Items include, but are not limited to, shoes, coats, uniforms, emergency funding, and hygiene items. Please contact us if you are in need of assistance and we will set up an appointment with you.


Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World (Getting Ahead) provides tools to think about your current life and then allows you to dream about the future.

There are no lectures, but co-learning through “investigating” the past and a future life to solve problems. There will be a facilitator, but not a teacher, who is there to learn with you through this journey in a “kitchen table format.”


Beef Up the Pantry

We addresses food insecurity for working poor parents who are unable to access traditional food pantries or have an emergency that includes: 1) Crisis Food Boxes that are microwaved for homeless families staying in a motel and 2) Emergency Food Program. designed to provide working poor families with food during times of crisis and includes home delivery.


Seeking toy drive hosts: We provide resources to underserved populations who need help during the holidays with a Christmas Store. Our Social Service team selects families that do not have extra money to provide gifts to their children. We provide dignity through choice as parents self-select toys their children will enjoy. We have wrapping stations and Santa Bags, so they leave ready for Christmas. We are seeking companies who will host a toy drive for students Pre-K through Middle School. Contact

Samantha Gulick at

 to set up a toy drive. 

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