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Garden to Kitchen

Check out our list of local sellers along with many others at the farmer's market, online, or at their farms to purchase specialty crops from local growers and producers!


Education Gardens

We have fresh food programs to teach growing, harvesting, eating, and preserving fresh food in three neighborhoods (Zip codes: 67203, 67216, 67217)

  • Children 1st Education Garden North End

  • 623 W. 20th North, Wichita 67203

  • Children 1st Education Garden South End

  • 2701 S Pattie St, Wichita 67216


Students can learn how to plant, grow, cook, and eat their own crops in this summer-long camp. If you know of someone who would benefit from this camp, please contact us for more information.

Camp location #1:

2023 N. Arkansas


Camp location #2: 

2635 S Pattie


Teaching Kitchen

We have cooking classes with the children who work in the garden so they learn what to do with their crops. We have guest chefs on occasion. The teaching kitchen is located at the 62703 neighborhood.


We have developed a curriculum for grades K-8 of a wide variety of cooking lessons that can help the students learn real-life skills as also learn how to grow their own food. 

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